Dr. Martha Maradiaga-StoneFood Safety Manager

    Dr. Martha Maradiaga-Stone brings knowledge, expertise and gifting to lead Hollison’s Food Safety department. After all, food safety is what Hollison is all about, so we wanted the best. Martha’s education includes a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras, where she is from, followed by an M.S. in Food Science and a Ph.D. in Food Safety Microbiology, both from Texas Tech University. Previous work includes Quality Control Technician for Breedlove Foods, Inc., and a research associate at Texas Tech.

    Dr. Maradiaga-Stone’s team consists of trained and professional biologists and chemists, all committed to finding innovative and streamlined ways to enhancing the safety of food. Because of the expertise and commitment consistently displayed by Martha and her team, our clients know their products are protected because of Hollison’s food safety techniques. Contact Martha at [email protected].

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