Kevin HumphreyChief Executive Officer

    One of the founders of Hollison, Kevin Humphrey was raised on a small farm in Western Kentucky where he learned the skills of creative problem solving. He attended Western Kentucky University, where he studied in Agricultural Engineering and Sciences before earning a degree in Business Management. Always interested in new technology and innovations, Kevin worked for Miles Enterprises to introduce new technologies for grain harvest. Kevin then went to work for Doug Wood, his mentor and a co-founder of Hollison, at a regional farm supply company.

    He then entered into his first start-up, he and his brother David started Agritech, which advanced technology used in grain handling, drying and storage. The Humphrey brothers introduced computer-controlled systems to increase the quality of stored grain and the profits of farmers. During a problem-solving visit to a local farm, Kevin had the first idea for “continuous sampling” and the groundwork for Hollison was laid.

    Kevin and his wife Christie have a passion for unparented children and have fostered over 30 in the last decade, besides raising their own daughters. In 2013, Kevin and Christie were honored with the Kentucky Cabinet for Heath and Family Services’ Excellence in Service Award. Kevin is also an Elder at Owensboro Christian Church. Kevin can be reached at [email protected].

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