Next Level Probiotics

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Next Level Probiotics is a growing segment of Hollison that is utilized in the food safety industry as a food additive/health benefit, and also as an environmental treatment to counteract pathogens. In a world of growing health and environmental concern, we seek alternate natural remedies versus chemical treatments for such issues. Utilizing probiotics provides next level technology in environmental treatment as well as positive health benefits. Hollison’s Probiotic Blending division takes the most beneficial strains of probiotics and formulates those to the customer’s needs to create a tailor-made product suitable for the application required.

With a highly qualified and well-trained team, we strive to produce a high quality product each and every day. The process begins with incoming raw materials, which are purchased from approved vendors and are certified with a COA (Certificate of Analysis). Certification is further verified utilizing an accredited laboratory. The raw material is released for use in production upon verification of probiotic viability and non-existence of pathogens through the accredited laboratory. Raw materials are utilized on a stock rotation FIFO (first in, first out) basis to ensure quality, shelf life, and reduce potential of pests.

A probiotic blend is then formulated specifically and uniquely according to the customer’s application. The product is then batched and blended at the Hollison production facility, in a clean and sanitary environment. The blended product is then packaged in predetermined packaging based on customer-driven request. A sample of each lot of product is taken and submitted to an accredited laboratory for probiotic viability verification. A COA is then created and the product is then shipped to the customer.

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