Protect® Probiotics

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Protect® Probiotics is a fast-growing segment of Hollison. Protect® Probiotics are utilized as an inclusion to food and also as an environmental treatment to counteract pathogens.

In a world of growing health and environmental concerns, we seek alternate natural remedies versus chemical treatments for such issues. Utilizing Protect® Probiotics provides a clean, natural technology in environmental treatment.

Hollison’s Protect® Probiotics can be provided as a single strain or as a blend of beneficial strains as an inclusion to human or animal food products. Our Probiotic Blending Division takes the most beneficial strains of probiotics and formulates those to the client’s needs to create a tailor-made product suitable for the application required.

Hollison takes great pride in upholding the standards set forth by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and in following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) to yield a safe and high-quality product. Protect® Probiotics has a proven shelf life track record when used as an ingredient in food products.

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