System Integration – Programmable Automated Systems

  • Every automated industry requires control of manufacturing processes.
  • From the integration of Hollison’s own sampling and probiotic application technologies to the tailored implementation of custom systems, Hollison can provide automation services that meet your expectations for efficiency.
  • Hollison has experience automating manufacturing processes for a variety of industries.
  • Hollison provides combined robotics and vision systems to meet the demands of various industrial applications, including part inspection, material and workpiece handling, collaborative robots, pick-and-place applications, and others.
  • Hollison provides full robotics integration services including concept development, design, end-of-arm tooling, programming, and system build and installation.
  • Hollison works with each customer from system conceptualization to installation with detailed communication along the way.

Mechanical Design – Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)

  • Hollison uses CAD software to rapidly meet the needs of their customers and create customized and innovative designs that get the job done.
  • Hollison’s ground-up design services provide individualized, unique solutions that include conceptual drawings, technical documents, and exploded or instructional views. Extensive experience developing Hollison’s own proprietary food safety technology means that Hollison knows what it takes to take an idea and make it a reality.


  • Hollison’s in-house machine shop allows the Hollison team to design, manufacture, and integrate custom components for any job.
  • CNC mills and lathes allow Hollison to quickly and accurately produce the components Hollison needs to build any automation application.
  • Hollison’s team has broad experience providing cost-effective solutions that fulfill the needs of Hollison’s customers, whether it is an individual job or vast integration projects.

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